Aviation Arcade Main Markaz, Faisal Town, Islamabad

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Aviation Arcade Faisal Town

Rawalpindi and Islamabad are among the best and most modern cities in Pakistan where all the living and business facilities are readily available. Everyone wishes to live in a place that has the facilities of education, health and other living and business opportunities easily available and within reach. People prefer to live in cities where all the basic facilities are available easily. Rawalpindi and Islamabad are well-developed cities in Pakistan where facilities are increasing day by day. The population of the twin cities is increasing with the passage of time due to these facilities. RDA and CDA have developed new sectors and housing societies to meet the growing needs of the rapidly increasing population.

There are many new commercial projects launched in the Commercial Markaz of Block- A of Faisal Town. Win Win Associates have launched their new project named “Aviation Arcade” in Block- A of F- 18 Markaz. Aviation Arcade is an international standard project that will have all the residential and commercial facilities in it. Aviation Arcade is a remarkable project that has shops, corporate offices and luxury apartments. Win Win Associates always try to come up with projects that are beneficial for its residents, occupants and investors. Their clients should feel secure that their investment is safe. Aviation Arcade guarantees safe investment, living and business opportunities for its clients.

Aviation Arcade Location & Surroundings

Prime Location

Aviation Arcade is located in Main Markaz of Block- A in Faisal Town, Sector F- 18, Islamabad.


Aviation Arcade

Main Markaz, Faisal Town, Islamabad

Aviation Arcade Floor Plan (All Floors)

Aviation Arcade is a unique residential/ commercial project in Block- A, F- 18 Markaz. Its building consists of 7 floors, including lower ground floor, ground floor and then 5 floors on top of it. The lower ground floor and ground floor have shops of different sizes. 1st and 2nd floor have spaces available for corporate offices, while 3rd to 5th floor have spacious apartments consisting of 1 and 2 bedrooms. The Atlantis Mall is situated at an ideal and prime location in Faisal Town F- 18, with all the modern amenities in it for its residents and occupants.

1 & 2, Bedroom Apartments For Sale

Aviation Arcade Faisal Town 1 Bed Demo Apartment

1 Bed 1 Bed 1 Bed 1 Bed 1 Bed 1 Bed 1 Bed 1 Bed 1 Bed Luxury Apartment

Size 917 – 1,640 Sqft

Aviation Arcade Faisal Town 2 bed Demo Apartment

2 Bed 2 Bed 2 Bed 2 Bed 2 Bed 2 Bed 2 Bed 2 Bed 2 Bed 2 Bed Luxury Apartment

Size 2047 – 2,647 Sqft

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Aviation Arcade

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