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Faisal Hlls Islamabad

Islamabad reveals its unmatched charm as the sun rises over the magnificent Margalla Hills, casting a golden glow on the city. The capital of Pakistan is renowned for its tranquil environment, well-planned infrastructure, and vibrant cultural scene. Imagine enhancing this experience with Faisal Hills. It is a residential project that takes luxury living to new heights. Faisal Hills Islamabad offers a fusion of modern design. It also offers exceptional amenities and a secure gated community that amplifies Islamabad’s beauty and allure.

Faisal Hills has transformed into a haven that offers complete ownership and luxury living in the heart of the ancient Gandhara Civilization. Here, you will find a unique mixture of contemporary culture, everyday facilities, and the calming beauty of the Margalla Hills.

Faisal Hills Overview 

Faisal Hills is a residential development in Islamabad which is Pakistan’s captivating capital city. Faisal Hills offers a harmonious blend of contemporary living and a connection to the ancient Gandhara Civilization. FH has a strong focus on 

    • Modern design

    • Exceptional project management

    • Community impact

That’s why it has become a sought-after destination for those seeking luxury living. 

Owners and Developers of Faisal Hills

Regarding real estate development, one name stands out from the crowd – Zedem International. The renowned developer has established itself as a leading force in the industry, known for its steadfast commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Zedem International has left a mark on the real estate market. Faisal Hills Islamabad stands as a testament to their dedication and hard work.

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Other Projects of Faisal Hills Developers

Zedem International has an impressive portfolio of successful projects, reflecting their commitment to high standards and quality craftsmanship. Let’s take a look at some of their noteworthy ventures:

Faisal Town

Faisal Town is a thriving residential project that showcases Zedem International’s expertise in creating well-planned communities. With its modern infrastructure, quality amenities, and convenient location, Faisal Town has become a sought-after destination for homeowners. Also perfect for those looking for a balanced lifestyle. Recently, Faisal Town Phase 2 was launched, an outshoot of Faisal Town, but with better living and better facilities. 

Faisal Villas

Zedem International’s Faisal Villas blend contemporary design and comfortable living. These elegant villas provide residents with a spacious and luxurious retreat featuring modern architecture, lush surroundings, and an array of amenities that enhance the overall living experience.

SEA Square

This vibrant commercial project offers a mix of retail outlets, office spaces, and entertainment options. It caters to growing business needs and provides a dynamic environment for entrepreneurs and investors.

Faisal Margalla City (FMC)

Faisal Margalla City is a landmark project in the serene Margalla Hills region. The project offers a range of residential and commercial plots surrounded by nature’s beauty and designed to provide a tranquil and sustainable living experience.

Faisal Residencia

This residential project provides modern and comfortable living options, catering to families and individuals seeking an elevated lifestyle.  Faisal Residencia has become synonymous with luxury and convenience with master planning and attention to detail.

Faisal Towers

Zedem International’s Faisal Towers exemplify elegance and sophistication. These iconic residential towers redefine modern living offering, 

    • Panoramic views

    • State-of-the-art amenities

    • And a vibrant community atmosphere

Faisal Towers symbolizes architectural brilliance and is a testament to Zedem International’s commitment to excellence.

An Idyllic Location for Your Dream Home

The project boasts an ideal location on the main Grand Trunk Road in the Taxila region of Rawalpindi. Its prime positioning provides residents easy access to Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Taxila. Hence, making it a highly sought-after residential destination. Have a look at the Faisal Town Map.

Let’s explore the nearby landmarks and accessibility points and delve into the well-crafted master plan that ensures a comfortable and convenient living experience.

Faisal Hills Beautiful Arial View

Nearby Landmarks and Places

Faisal Hills Islamabad is surrounded by various landmarks and places that enhance its appeal. It also offers residents a range of amenities within reach. Some notable nearby landmarks and locations include:

    • Rawalpindi: The bustling city of Rawalpindi, with its vibrant markets and cultural attractions, is easily accessible from Faisal Hills.

    • Islamabad: The capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad is just a stone’s throw away from Faisal Hills. It offers access to government institutions, diplomatic enclaves, renowned educational institutions, and various entertainment options.

    • Taxila: Known for its rich historical heritage, Taxila is a significant archaeological site and a treasure trove of ancient Buddhist ruins. Residents of Faisal Hills can immerse themselves in the city’s fascinating history with a short drive to Taxila.

    • Multi Gardens B-17: Located nearby, Multi Gardens B-17 is a well-established residential community that adds value to the overall neighborhood. It offers various amenities, including schools, shopping centers, and recreational facilities.

    • Hill View Housing Scheme: As the name suggests, Hill View Housing Scheme provides breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. This housing scheme offers a serene environment and a tranquil living experience.

    • Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC): Situated in the vicinity, HMC is a prominent industrial facility that plays a significant role in the manufacturing and engineering sectors.

    • Fateh Jang: Fateh Jang is close to Faisal Hills, offering convenient access to necessities, markets, and transportation hubs.

    • Wahdat Colony: Located near Wahdat Colony, it offers residential options and easy access to amenities. These include schools, healthcare facilities, and commercial centers.

    • CPEC Western Route: Faisal Hills benefits from its proximity to the CPEC Western Route, a significant economic corridor connecting Pakistan and China. This strategic location opens trade, business, and economic growth opportunities.

    • HITEC University, Taxila: Residents seeking higher education can take advantage of the nearby HITEC University. It is renowned for its quality education and state-of-the-art facilities.

    • Islamabad International Airport: With its convenient location, Faisal Hills ensures easy access to the Islamabad International Airport, connecting residents to both domestic and international destinations.

Accessibility Points

Faisal Hills Islamabad offers multiple accessibility points, making it convenient for residents to travel to various destinations. Some key accessibility points include:

    • N-125: A mere 5-minute drive from Faisal Hills, N-125 provides a seamless connection to nearby areas.

    • Quaid Avenue: Quaid Avenue, just a 5-minute drive away, offers easy access to major roads and transportation routes.

    • Kalabagh-Nathia Gali Road: This road is approximately a 6-minute drive from Faisal Hills and provides a convenient connection to scenic destinations.

    • Tarnol Morr: Located just 10 minutes away, Tarnol Morr serves as a central transportation hub, allowing residents to access nearby areas easily.

    • Paswal Road: A short 12-minute drive leads to Paswal Road, enabling residents to reach their destinations quickly and efficiently.

    • Rawalpindi-Kohat Road: Faisal Hills residents can access Rawalpindi-Kohat Road within approximately 21 minutes, connecting them to Rawalpindi and beyond.

    • Srinagar Highway: A drive of approximately 22 minutes leads to Srinagar Highway, providing connectivity to various parts of the region.

    • Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway (M-1): Residents can reach Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway (M-1) within approximately 22 minutes, opening up opportunities for travel and commerce.

    • Rawalpindi Ring Road (M-14): With a drive of around 25 minutes, residents can access Rawalpindi Ring Road (M-14), enhancing their regional connectivity.

    • Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2): Faisal Hills offers easy access to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2) within approximately 28 minutes, facilitating travel to Lahore and other major cities.

Faisal Hills Map (Master Plan)

The master plan of Faisal Hills Islamabad results from meticulous planning and the collaborative effort of experts, including planners, developers, and architects. The qualified team at Zedem International has dedicated countless hours of hard work and dedication to create a thoughtfully crafted Faisal Hills Map that prioritizes the needs and comforts of residents.

Spread over 11,823.5 Kanal of land, Faisal Hills Islamabad offers a well-designed layout encompassing residential, commercial, and recreational areas. The master plan ensures a harmonious blend of modern infrastructure, green spaces, and essential facilities to create a holistic living environment.

With its impressive width of 225 meters, the entrance boulevard sets the tone for a grand welcome and allows residents to move freely. Other roads within the housing society are also designed to be more than 40 meters wide, ensuring smooth traffic flow and ease of navigation.

Faisal Hills Map is as follows:

Faisal Hills Taxila Map

Faisal Hills Map in PDF

If you want to download Faisal Hills Map in PDF Click below:

Faisal Hills Blocks


The housing society is divided into various blocks, offering residents a wide range of residential and commercial plot options. The master plan includes amenities such as parks, gardens, playgrounds, schools, mosques, hospitals, and community centers, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of the residents.


Executive Block


Situated alongside the Margalla Hills and with direct access from the main GT Road, FH’s Executive Block offers an exclusive residential experience. This block comprises high-rise developments that include apartments, schools, shopping malls, and offices. Residents of the Executive Block enjoy proximity to Taxila City, renowned museums, and other surrounding amenities, making it an ideal location for those seeking convenience and a touch of elegance.


Block A Map


Faisal Town Pvt. Ltd. presents Block A, which features a dynamic and unified layout plan that caters to various plot sizes. Although Block A has already been sold out, it boasts exciting features such as a 225-foot main boulevard and the society’s primary commercial hub. Development standards in this block adhere to modern requirements, ensuring comfortable access to amenities with street sizes ranging from 40 to 110 feet.


Faisal Hills Block A Map


Block B Map


If lush green grounds and parks are what you desire, Block B is the perfect choice within Faisal Hills. This block offers residents a peaceful and communal meeting place to enjoy the stunning views of the nearby Margalla Hills. Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty while relishing the comfort of a well-designed residential neighborhood.


Faisal Hills Block B Map


Block C Map


Block C has become the most desirable luxury residential location in the area’s primary real estate market. Luxury properties in this block provide expansive views of the nearby Margalla Hills, and there are plans for a future access route to the CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) through the M-1 Motorway. Indulge in a sophisticated lifestyle surrounded by elegance and natural splendor.


Faisal Hills Block C Map


Faisal Hills Features


Faisal Hills offers various features and amenities that enhance your quality of life. Here are some highlights:


Easily Accessible: Conveniently located just three minutes from sector B-17 Islamabad and five minutes from Taxila Cantt, Faisal Hills provides easy access to major transportation routes.


Commercial Area: Explore a vibrant commercial hub within the community, offering various businesses and services.


Sewerage Disposal Station: Faisal Hills ensures efficient waste management through a dedicated sewerage disposal station.


Community Centers & Football Grounds: Engage in recreational activities and connect with fellow residents through community centers and football grounds.


Educational Institutes: It is home to reputable educational institutions, ensuring easy access to quality education for families.


Variant Plot Sizes: Choose from a range of plot sizes, from 139 to 1000 square yards, to suit your needs.


Underground & Overhead Water Tanks: Enjoy a continuous water supply with FH’s well-designed infrastructure, including underground and overhead water tanks.


Community Clubs: Engage in social activities and make lasting connections at FH’s community clubs.


Sui Gas Availability: It provides access to Sui Gas, ensuring a reliable and efficient energy source for residents.


Mosques: Fulfil your spiritual needs with conveniently located mosques within the community.


24/7 Security System: Rest assured that Faisal Hill’s comprehensive security system ensures the safety and well-being of all residents.


Wide Roads: FH features well-designed, wide roads ranging from 40 to 225 feet, ensuring smooth traffic flow and easy accessibility.


Parks: Embrace the beauty of nature with lush green gardens scattered throughout the community.


Underground Electrification: It prioritizes aesthetic appeal and safety by implementing underground electrification.


Banks: Access banking services conveniently within the community.


Massive Plantation: Experience a green and sustainable environment with extensive plantation efforts within Faisal Hills.


Transfer Procedure: A Smooth Transition


To facilitate a hassle-free transfer of property ownership in Faisal Hills Islamabad, the following steps are generally expected to be followed:


    • Submit a transfer request along with a No Demand Certificate (NDC) obtained from the concerned authorities.


    • Provide the original membership letter and copies of the purchaser and seller’s CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card).


    • Furnish the details of the next of kin, along with passport-size photographs.


    • Complete the membership/associate form of the purchaser.


    • Prepare an affidavit of the purchaser and seller affirming the authenticity and accuracy of the transfer process.


    • Include an undertaking by the purchaser confirming compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by Faisal Hills Islamabad.


    • If applicable, submit the General Power of Attorney (GPA) for authorized representation in the transfer process.



It is essential to consult the relevant authorities and ensure the completeness and accuracy of all required documents for a smooth transfer of ownership in Faisal Hills Islamabad.




In conclusion, Faisal Hills Islamabad offers a perfect blend of modern living, convenience, and a thoughtfully designed master plan. Its ideal location, accessibility to prominent landmarks, and nearby educational institutions, hospitals, and commercial areas make it an attractive choice for residents and investors alike.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1: What is Faisal Hills Islamabad?


Faisal Hills Islamabad is a renowned and reliable residential society located on the main Grand Trunk Road in the Taxila region of Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


Q2: Where is Faisal Hills located in Islamabad?


Along the GT Road, Faisal Hills is situated just outside the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). It enjoys convenient access from Taxila, Wah Cantt, and the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.


Q3: Is the location of Faisal Hills accessible on Google Maps?


Yes, the location of Faisal Hills is easily accessible on Google Maps, allowing potential residents and investors to locate the housing society accurately.


Q4: Why is the location of Faisal Hills profitable?


Faisal Hills’ prime location on the GT Road positions it at the center of a commercial area, ensuring excellent return on investment (ROI) prospects for residents and investors.


Q5: Who are the developers of Faisal Hills?


Faisal Hills is a project developed by Zedem International, a renowned real estate developer known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Q6: What are the past projects of Zedem?


Zedem International has completed several notable projects in the real estate sector. Some of their past projects include Faisal Town (FT), Faisal Villas, SEA Square, Faisal Margalla City (FMC), Faisal Residencia, and Faisal Towers.


Q7: Who is the chairman of Faisal Hills?


Mr. Abdul Majeed serves as the chairman of Faisal Hills, overseeing the development and management of the residential society.


Q8: Is Faisal Hills NOC approved?


Yes, Faisal Hills Islamabad has obtained the necessary No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Rawalpindi Development.

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